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 On the following pages, you’ll see our exclusive ratings of luxury properties.

      If you have reached our site, you are undoubtedly a savvy traveler who “does the research” before choosing a travel destination.  As such, we strive not to repeat the same information you’ve probably seen elsewhere.  Rather, The Resort Report (TRR) goes the extra yard and tells you, in order, which properties are best, and why.

     Of course, we acknowledge that such ratings are subjective, and thus we hope that our accompanying compact reviews will be helpful in choosing the resort that is right for you.

     TRR does not use any magic scientific formulas in making our evaluations.  Our staff instead relies upon the overall impression/experience they have enjoyed (or not enjoyed, as the case may be) when staying at a particular resort.  And while cost is certainly taken into account, it is overall value that figures more prominently in our rankings.

     It should be emphasized that all of the resorts that make our lists are of high quality, and we do not hesitate to endorse each of them, with specific caveats and recommendations provided in the reviews.  If a resort you are considering is not on our list, however, it does not necessarily mean you have made a suspect choice:  While we may have deemed the property to fall below our standards, it might also be the case that we have not had enough of our staff visit the property to make an accurate assessment.  TRR does attempt to cover the more prominent resorts in a locale that the majority of readers will be curious about.    

As seasoned travelers, our staff has developed certain preferences that undoubtedly skew our ratings in definite directions.  Most notably, we have heard enough steel drum bands and reggae/calypso happy hours to last a lifetime, and thus we generally prefer quiet/serene to boisterous/jumping.  There is also a general preference towards non all-inclusive properties, as most of our editors like to go out and explore.  It is funny though, how this urge to explore decreases as the level of luxury where one is staying increases:  It is not easy to leave Paradise. 

Here’s hoping The Resort Report can help you find your piece of Paradise. 

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